Terminal multiplexer

GNU Screen

If you want to run multiple jobs at the same time, you may think you need to connect over multiple ssh sessions. In the case like this, GNU screen comes in handy. In short, screen provides multiple windows within a single ssh session.

GNU Screen is also a great choice if you need to switch your workplace while being a ssh session on a laptop. Say I'm in my office and running R and bash scripts in GNU Screen. Then detach it with Ctrl + a + d and close the ssh connection. When you get back to your apartment, you can resume your work by reconnecting to the server again and type screen -r.

Further, GNU Screen allows us to share a screen. For example, you are connected to a server and running GNU screen from a desktop. To share a screen with your laptop first loging to the server and issue screen -ls to see the ID. Then just type by screen -x ID.