28 February 2015

One of the highlights from this month was my two-day visit to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. My collaborators and I laid out our plans for next several months. I believe their insights will help launch a new project I am enthusiastic about.

My colleagues and I are currently seeking for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the areas of Statistical Genomics and Bioinformatics. We conducted three Skype interviews this month hoping to find a suitable candidate in a timely fashion.

I am delighted to announce that we have finally completed the MeSH manuscript after the two rounds of editing with coauthors. This manuscript purports to raise awareness about alternative gene annotations available for domestic animals. This is a follow-up to our recent paper published in BMC Bioinformatics (see more at 2015 January monthly report). We submitted the paper to Animal Genetics, given the thought that the bottom line of the manuscript fits perfectly into the scope of the journal. On a related note, I have joined the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG), which owns Animal Genetics. I hope to contribute to this academic society through presenting our work at biannual ISAG conferences and submitting our papers to Animal Genetics. As a proud member of the ISAG, my only request is that they revise their policy to accept a manuscript written in LaTex.

Concurrently, I submitted an abstract of the MeSH paper to be considered for an oral presentation at the 2015 Joint Annual Meeting (JAM), which will be held in Orlando Florida. If accepted, this year will mark my very first JAM and I look forward to meeting members of the genetics community in the American Society of Animal Science.

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