LIFE 891-002 Integrating Quantitative and Computational Biology into Life Sciences Research

Spring 2018

Time and Location


Course Description

This course explores several key techniques in quantitative and computational biology, including historical perspective and context as well as current applications in life sciences research. Lectures and class discussions are designed to complement both readings from the primary and secondary literature and practical experience involving available software. Assignments will focus on developing an understanding of the quantitative aspects of each technique, with appropriate mathematical, computational, and/or statistical foundations, and oral presentation of data and analytical results. This is an intensive reading and computational course intended to develop your critical quantitative thinking and data skills. Five key research areas, each taught by a faculty expert in the field, will be examined during the course of the semester with examples of applications in the life sciences; these may include but are not limited to the following.

We will use the R statistical language and, on occasion, other software such as Perl/Python, C++, or Matlab to conduct our analyses. These are all available on the clusters at the UNL Holland Computing Center

Texts and Reading Materials

There is no required text for this course.